Business Approach
and Values
Safety Management

Security concerns have always been imperative in the construction industry. Safety management is anticipated to take account of all risks and accidents that may probably be expected to put construction employees at risk. The health and safety of construction work are very important to reduce such risks, legally and ethically, but in mainly dangerous

circumstances such as the construction industry, health, and safety take on risky importance as daily activities of the industry are highly unsafe. It is thus important to identify suitable safety activities and strategies, accommodating potential serious health and safety problems.

   Environmental responsibility can be integrated with business preferences to ensure the security of environmental concerns whilst simultaneously ensuring profitability. Charis

construction works conscientiously towards reducing the burden placed on the environment.

   We have maintained an exemplary record for health and safety. All Employees at Charis receive the latest in levels of training forsafety, health, support and resources that are required to meet our objectives, thereby ensuring a safe, healthy and productive working environment.

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