• Suresh Kumar

What are the causes of plants thriving on the walls of the buildings?

It astonishes how they got there. A few seeds, not all, can thrive on any type of building. The cause of plants thrive is birds, animals, and wind, etc. Pigeons, crows, monkeys, and squirrels are good examples. They eat fruits alongside their seeds, but the seed doesn’t digest as it is made by hard materials, it comes out when they excrete on building walls. If the excrete ensues in favorable conditions on the walls then the seed germinates. These seeds grow on cracks and holes in walls because water gets collected in it through the rain, and also the cracks and holes keep intact of moisture, where roots can easily penetrate and assimilate food and water there. Commonly such plant growth noticed in unmaintained and abandoned buildings (See Figure 1).

Figure 1 : The photo shows plant growth on the wall.

When/where the plant’s root grows on walls deeper and sharper, they impaired the wall’s strength and destroyed the whole building. This happens mostly in unoccupied buildings where no one cares to remove them. Plants growths are good, but when it happens haphazardly left can result in several negative consequences for buildings.

Whenever you find such unwanted plant growth in buildings, immediately root it out

(See Figure 2). Make sure you eradicate it with the root. If the root remains there, soon plants germinate in their favor condition. You can use some acid to clear the plants on walls which makes sure controlling plants grow on the walls (See Figure 3).

Figure 2. Labor is removing plants from the Figure 3. Use acid to spray where you cut wall. off the plant from the wall.

Discover and fill holes and cracks in your building with cement and preserve it

periodically. If there are more birds and animals in your area, you have to check for cracks and holes more regularly (See Figure 4).

Avoid stagnant water in any part of your building, especially top of the roofs. Some

seeds germinate without soil and after they germinate, they get a way to penetrate through the wall or roof.

This doesn't mean plants are hazardous to buildings. We have to keep them so that they

don't affect us in any way. Plants are excellent, but when haphazardly left can result in several consequences.

Figure 4. The photo shows after removing the plant from the wall.

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